The manakai project


Latest version of applications and modules are available from GitHub. Clone the master branch of relevant repositories, e.g.: $ git clone

See list of applications and list of modules to find repository names.

If your application is a Git repository, repositories of Perl modules should be added as Git submodules, e.g.: $ git submodule add modules/repository-name

You should git pull frequently such that modules are always up-to-date, i.e. latest revisions of relevant Web standards are supported. The git-submodule-track tool might be useful for updating multiple submodules.

We no longer distribute snapshot versions of modules (e.g. tarballs) as it is difficult to maintain snapshot versions and ask for users to update their copies of snapshots manually due to frequency of updates.


Requirements on environment and dependent modules are explicitly described in documentations of relevant modules and applications.

As a general rule, Perl modules require Perl 5.8 or later. Applications might request more recent versions. Modules do not use non-core modules whenever possible, although tests of them might require more modules.


Current and previous revisions of products are available in various Git repositories in the GitHub organization of the project.

Known issues and future development candidates are listed in GitHub issues of relevant repositories.

There are large number of product-dependent and -independent tests for modules and applications of the project.

Test data

Each repository contains tests for applications and modules in the repository. In addition, there are implementation-neutral test cases for several aspects of Web technologies. Although they are mainly focusing on testing of products of the manakai project, they might also useful for other products supporting Web technologies.

tests-web (2003-)

Test cases for various Web technologies, including parsing (HTML, XML, CSS, Selectors, Media Queries, WebVTT), validation (HTML, SVG, Atom, XML), XPath evaluation, and language tags.

tests-web-url (2011-)

Test cases for URL parsing, resolution, and canonicalization.

See also testdataparser.