The manakai project

The manakai project is an open source software project developing Perl modules implementing Web-related technologies including HTML, CSS, and DOM.


WebHACC (CLI version) (2013-)

A command-line application to check conformance of HTML and XML documents (i.e. a validator) for Unix-based environments.

Live CSSOM Viewer (2007-)

It visualizes how Web browsers interpret CSS style sheets and expose them into their object hierarchy.

WebHACC (CGI version) (2008-2012)

This application is no longer maintained. A new Web application version of checker is to be developed in future. Until then the CLI version should be used.

A Web application (CGI script) to check conformance of HTML and XML documents (i.e. a validator).

Perl modules

perl-web-dom (2012-)

A pure-Perl implementation of DOM APIs, such as DOM Core, Traversal, Parsing and Serialization, Events, and HTML, for Perl applications.

perl-web-markup (2013-)

A pure-Perl implementation of HTML parser and serializer, XML parser and serializer, HTML, Atom, and XML conformance checker (validator), and XPath processor.

perl-web-css (2013-)

A pure-Perl implementation of CSS parser and serializer, Selectors querying, and Media Queries parser.

perl-web-url (2011-)

A URL parser and serializer.

perl-web-resource (2013-)

A MIME type parser and serializer.

perl-web-langtag (2013-)

A language tag parser.

perl-web-datetime (2013-)

A date and time parser and serializer for Web.

perl-web-js (2014-)

A placeholder for JavaScript implementation.

perl-web-encodings (2012-)

A placeholder for Encoding implementation.

testdataparser (2011-)

A Perl parser implementation for html5lib's HTML Parser Tree Construction Tests.

manakai-core (2002-2013)

This set of modules are no longer maintained. Many of modules are now part of perl-web-* repositories with new names.

Perl modules for Internet Messages and XML, including support for RFC 822 e-mails, HTML, XML, DOM, URL, and so on.

manakai charlib (2007-2010)

This set of modules are no longer maintained. Similar features are provided by perl-web-encodings.

Supplemental Perl modules to support character encodings in the wild, used by some manakai-core modules to interpret XML documents.

Whatpm (2007-2012)

This set of modules is merged into the manakai-core package but it is no longer maintained either. Most of modules are now part of perl-web-* repositories with new names.

An implementation of Web standard technologies, including HTML, XML, CSS, and URL.


There are repositories of implementation-independent data files containing definitions and properties extracted from Web standard specifications and enumerations of known open-ended components used in the wild, which might also be useful for other products.

data-web-defs (2013-)

Machine-readable data files for various definitions and lists in Web technologies, such as HTML/XML element properties, known URL schemes, and HTTP status codes.

data-chars (2014-)

Data files for various character classes, properties, and mappings specified in or referenced by Web standards.

data-errors (2007-)

Lists and descriptions for error types used by Perl modules of the manakai project.

data-locale (2014-)

A placeholder for locale-related data used in Web.

There are also implementation-neutral test cases and specifications.