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A directory name


The Web::Transport::PKI::Name module represents a name in directories.


There are following methods:

$name = Web::Transport::PKI::Name->create ($input)

Create a new Web::Transport::PKI::Name object.

If the argument is an undef value, an empty name is returned.

If the argument is a Web::Transport::PKI::Name object, the argument itself is returned unchanged.

If the argument is a hash reference, a name with the content of the hash is returned. Any key is interprted as an object identifier (OID) in the dotted notation (e.g., the short name of an object (e.g. CN), or the long name of an object (e.g commonName). If an invalid or unknown key is specified, an exception is thrown. For portability, only limited set of names (such as CN, C, and O) should be used and any other object should be represented in the dotted notaion. If the value is an undef value, the key/value pair is ignored. Otherwise, the value is interpreted as the text value for the corresponding key. It is encoded as a PrintableString, if possible, or as a UTF8String otherwise. The key/value pairs in the hash are encoded as distinct RelativeDistinguishedNames in order determined by the implementation.

$text = $name->debug_info

Return a short string that summarises the name, which should be useful for developments.


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This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.