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The DOM DOMConfiguration object


The Web::DOM::Configuration class implements the DOM DOMConfiguration interface. The DOMConfiguration object of the document can be obtained by the dom_config method of the document.


Following methods are available:

$value = $config->{$perl_param_name}
$config->{$perl_param_name} = $value

Return or set the parameter value, using the Perl-style parameter name (underscored_parameter_name). [DOMPERL]

delete $config->{$perl_param_name}

Reset the parameter value to the default. [DOMPERL]

@list = keys %$config

Return the list of Perl-style parameter names (underscored_parameter_names). [DOMPERL]

$value = $config->get_parameter ($dom_param_name)

Return the parameter value, using the DOM-style parameter name (hyphened-parameter-name). [DOM3CORE]

$config->set_parameter ($dom_param_name, $value)

Set the parameter value, using the DOM-style parameter name (hyphened-parameter-name). If the value is undef, the parameter is unset such that the default value is set. [DOM3CORE] [MANAKAI]

$config->can_set_parameter ($dom_param_name, $value)

Return whether the specified parameter name/value pair can be set or not, using the DOM-style parameter name (hyphened-parameter-name). [DOM3CORE]

$list = keys $config->parameter_names

Return the array reference of DOM-style parameter names (hyphened-parameter-names). [DOM3CORE] [MANAKAI]

The object also supports the other Perl standard operations for hash references, e.g. exists $config->{$perl_param_name}. [DOMPERL]


Following parameters are supported:

manakai_allow_doctype_children (DOM: manakai-allow-doctype-children)

Specifies whether the document type node can contain processing instruction children or not. The default value is false. [MANAKAI]

manakai_create_child_element (DOM: manakai-create-child-element)

Specifies whether "element reflecting" methods of the Atom DOM objects should create child elements if not found. The default value is false. [MANAKAI] [ATOMDOM]

manakai_strict_document_children (DOM: manakai-strict-document-children)

Specifies whether the strict rules for document chidlren's node types apply or not for the document. The default value is true. If the value is true, the rules defined by the DOM Standard is strictly followed. Otherwise, any combination of Element, DocumentType, Text, Comment, and ProcessingInstruction nodes are allowed as children of the Document. [MANAKAI]



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Copyright 2012 Wakaba <>.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.