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A CSS tokenizer


The Web::CSS::Tokenizer module provides a CSS syntax tokenizer. It can be used to tokenize strings written in languages using the CSS syntax, including CSS, Selectors, and Media Queries.

This module is intended to be used by a CSS-based language parser as its base class. It does not intended for applications directly invoking methods or accessing data structure of the module.


By useing the module, a number of token type constants are exported to your package.


See the comment in the module for the data structure of tokens emitted by the module's methods.

Applications should not try to directly access to the data contained in the token, except for two fields below:

The field $token->{line} contains the line number of the first character of the token.

The field $token->{column} contains the column number of the first character of the token. It can be zero if the first character is the newline character between the current line and the previous line. The column number of the "end-of-file" pseudo-character is greater than the column number of the last character in the last line.


The Web::CSS::Tokenizer->serialize_token method is the only public method directly exposed by the module. The method can be used to serialize the token as a character string for the purpose of debugging or error reporting. It must not be used to generate original or canonical representation of the token. The string returned by the method might or might not be reparsable.


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This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.