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Default for media-dependent CSS processing


The Web::CSS::MediaResolver class can be used as an implementation of the media-dependent CSS and/or Media Queries processing adaptor for the Web::CSS modules.


$mr = Web::CSS::MediaResolver->new

Create a new instance of the media resolver.

$mr->set_supported (%args)

Set the "supported" flag to true value.

all => 1

Set the "supported" flag of all known constructs.

all_functions => 1

Set the "supported" flag of all known CSS functional notations.

all_props => 1

Set the "supported" flag of all known CSS properties.

all_prop_values => 1

Set the "supported" flag of all known CSS property values.

all_pseudo_classes => 1

Set the "supported" flag of all known pseudo-classes.

all_pseudo_elements => 1

Set the "supported" flag of all known pseudo-elements.

all_media_features => 1

Set the "supported" flag of all known media features.


The media resolver enables the CSS implementation build on top of the parser to control whether features are supported or not. However, features listed in this section cannot be disabled by the media resolver so that they must be supported.

Selectors: Type, universal, attribute, class, and ID selectors. Descendant and child selectors. Direct or indirect adjacent selectors.

Media queries: Media types.

At-rules: '@charset', '@namespace' (Handled by the parser). '@import', '@media'.

Style rules: '!important'. 'inherit', 'initial', 'unset'.

Units: Relative and absolute length units. Angle units. Resolution units. Time units. Frequency units.




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